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Tensar AR

Tensar AR

Tensar AR1 is a composite consisting of a monolithic polypropylene (PP) geogrid. 3-dimensional geometry of the grid and optimum properties (stiffness, rib profile) ensures high stability. Composite Tensar AR-G consists of a stiff monolithic geogrid Tensar AR1 thermally bonded to a polypropylene non-woven geofabric (130 g/m2) which facilitates the product installation. Both Tensar AR1 and AR-G are used for reinforcement of asphalt layers in construction of new pavements or  reconstruction of existing ones.

  • reduces asphalt rutting
  • increases bearing capacity and extends pavement structural life


  • reinforcement

We supply this product for constructions only in the Czech Republic.


More info about the composite Tensar AR

  Type Tensile strenght [kN/m] Elongation [%] Roll width [m] Roll length [m] Roll weight [kg] m2
  AR-G 22 12,5 3,8 75 110

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