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Tensar Glasstex

Tensar Glasstex

Tensar Glasstex is a composite consisting of glass filaments stitch bonded to a non-woven polypropylene fabric by polyester fibres (PET). The composite GlasstexPatch is made up of a pre-coated glass yarn grid intergrated into a polymer modified bitumen membrane. The backing is protected with self-adhesive foil (GlasstexPatch 880) while the top of the product is protected with quartz sand. The application of GlasstexPatch 440 requires heat on the underside of the material. Both composites are used for reinforcement of asphalt layers in construction of new pavements or reconstruction of existing ones.

  • provides control of cracking, extends pavement structural life
  • quick and simple installation


  • reinforcement

We supply this product for constructions only in the Czech Republic .


More info about composite Tensar Glasstex


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