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Interdrain GMFL

Interdrain GMFL

Intergrain GMFL is a geonet made form high-density polyethylene (HDPE) laminated by polypropylene (PP) geotextile on one side and by hydroinsulation foil on the other one.
The geonet is made from fibres which intersect at 60° and this pattern creates channels with high flow capacity under pressure and also at very low gradients.

Main uses:

  • horizontal drainage of embankments, roads, railway and tram tracks and other trafficked areas
  • vertical drainage of retaining structures, bridges, tunnels and other underground constructions
  • drainage of playgrounds, waste deposits, landfills etc.
  • effective drainage geocomposite with long life span
  • high drainage capacity even under pressure


  • drainage
  • filtration
  • separation

We supply this product for constructions in the Czech Republic,
Slovak Republic and other countries of the European Union.


Technical specification of the geonet Interdrain GMFLMore info about the geonet Interdrain GMFL

  Type Thickness at 200 kPa [mm] Flow rate at gradient 1,0 and 50 kPa [l/m/s] Roll width [m] Roll length [m] Roll weight [kg] m2
  GMFL 4 4,1 0,95 2 50 81
  GMFL 5 5,1 1,30 2 50 96
  GMFL 6 6,0 1,45 2 50 115

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