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Geocell Geomacell system is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It is a lightweight, expandable cellular confinement system creating an erosion barrier or structural foundation. It is used for erosion control on slopes, for slopes stabilization, reiforcement of stream beds etc. Various types of the fill can be used in the system (soil, aggregate, concrete).

  • high tensile strength and resistance to failure
  • resistant in soils with various properties
  • minimum maintenance requirements
  • quick and simple installation


  • erosion control
  • stabilization

We supply this product for constructions in the Czech Republic,
Slovak Republic and other countries of the European Union.


Technical specification of the geocell Geomacell More info about the geocell Geomacell

  Type Number of geocells [m2] Geocells height [mm] Expanded dimensions -length [m] Expanded dimensions - width [m] Area [m2] m2
  Geomacell S38/50 38 50 3,5 6,63 23,2
  Geomacell S 38/100 38 100 3,5 6,63 23,2
  Geomacell S32/150 32 150 3,5 6,63 23,2

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