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Geogrid PP BX

Geogrid PP BX

Biaxial monolithic geogrid Geogrid PP BX is used for reinforcement of the unbound layers of roads and other trafficked areas; it can also be used to stabilize the construction layers of railway structures. The geogrid is made from 100% polypropylene (PP).

  • designed exclusively for ground stabilization
  • more suitable for mechanical stabilization than woven and bonded geogrids
  • strong junctions and sharp rib edges for effective confinement of the aggregate particles


  • reinforcement

We supply this product for constructions in the Czech Republic,
Slovak Republic and other countries of the European Union.


More info about the monolithic geogrid Tensar RE

  Type Length [m] Width [m] m2
  Geogrid PP BX 2020 50 3,95
  Geogrid PP BX 3030 50 3,95
  Geogrid PP BX 4040 50 3,95

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