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Tensar TriAx

Tensar TriAx

Triaxial monolithic geogrid Tensar TriAx is made from 100% polyproplylene (PP) using unique technology. It is used for ground stabilization of unbound layers of roads and other trafficked areas and for stabilization of construction layers of railway structures. It is also available as a composite variant with a separative non-woven geotextile G, which is attached to the geogrid at each junction.

  • designed and manufactured exclusively for mechanical ground stabilization
  • the most efficient type of geogrids for mechanical stabilization
  • multidirectional properties - high tensile stiffness  through 360°
  • strong and sharp rib edges - effective confinement of the aggregate particles


  • stabilization

We supply this product for constructions only in the Czech Republic .


More info about the triaxial monolithic geogrid Tensar TriAx


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